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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions are mission critical solutions in every organization. They are integral for business management, planning, sales and distribution, plant management, materials management, manufacturing, finance and accounting, human resources and logistics. It is important as it impacts every functional activity and department within the organization. They help organizations optimize activities (like reducing assembly time), remove redundancy, and improve transparency across all the stakeholders within the business entity.

CosmoCommerce provides organizations with a scalable ERP platform that is not only easy to maintain but also provides immense flexibility and can be extended with growth of organizations. Also the peripheral solutions are integrated with ERP like Portals, CMS solutions which provides transparency and cross departmental collaboration. Web enabled CIGNEX Datamatics can help organizations adopt the solutions with lower total cost of ownership.

A few features of CosmoCommerce Enterprise Resource Planning solutions include:

- Role-based dashboards with drill-down to monitor and effective analysis of operations

- Complete application-level security infrastructure, supporting role, data security, data encryption and auditing

- Device Independence & Global Document access: Documents aren’t tied to a single document or network. Applications and documents are available even when data is moved to portable devices Increased Data Reliability: Data independent of internal or external breakdown

- Centralized Application Dictionary – Stores meta-data & rules as part of management

- Data visibility and process standardization Easier to integrate with third party applications Multi-company and complex corporate hierarchy support Provides a roadmap to successful installation, customization and deployment.

- Easier to migrate to from current release, or from one database to another’