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Consumer products

Consumer products industral has a complex relationship between customers,shop owners and retailers. We are willing to build a easy to operate system to organize these factors. And most of the immportant is to leave a reliable and appreal immpresion on the customers.
Our Solution is to help the company manage customer relationship,monitor and control the cost,make decision of the marketing campain. 
We would give you a solution including:
Company's Online Web Potral Including CMS (for consumer products)
E-Commerce Shopping/Distribute System(for consumer products)
Customer Relationship Management System(for consumer products)
Enterprise Resource Planning System(for consumer products)
Supply Chain Management (for consumer products)
Human Resource Management (for consumer products)
Online Affiliate Programe
Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
According to your unique and customized requirement, we will divide the solution into several parts. And you can also choose one or more choices in our recommended products.