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Cosmo Commerce offers a range of solutions for online courses and resource materials that drastically improve access to education while reducing instruction and administration costs.

Online learning brings educational opportunities to audiences who, for cost or location reasons, couldn't previously participate. But automating courses, instruction, and administration can be a difficult and costly process. Many institutions don't have the expertise or the resources for complex, proprietary eLearning applications, and government-supported institutions often don't have the budget.

Cosmos Commerce understands how to define and develop content management solutions for eLearning, administration, and records management. We've built education portals for creating, formatting, and delivering personalized, accurate information, and collaborative environments for instruction, teamwork, and testing. We can cost-effectively integrate legacy systems, and help educational institutions migrate many paper-based solutions to the Internet.

We would give you a solution including:

Online Web Potral Including CMS (for Education)
Customer Relationship Management System(for Education)
Human Resource Management (for Education)
Project Management
Collaboration System (WIKIs and BLOGs for Education ogranization)
According to your unique and customized requirement, we will divide the solution into several parts. And you can also choose one or more choices in our recommended products.