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High Tech

Cosmo Commerce helps high tech companies reduce costs, improve communication, and shorten development cycles.

Success in the high tech industry depends on an organization's ability to effectively improve productivity, efficiently develop products and services, ensure compliance, and reduce costs. Access to, and timely distribution of, information is critical to the success of product development, support, and sales. Employees, partners, and customers require access to a wide variety of information in a straightforward, consistent format.

Cosmo Commerce offers a variety of solutions aimed at improving communication both internally and externally. We feature portals that can drastically simplify the creation, storage, and distribution of multi-format documents - ensuring customers, suppliers, and users have easy, personalized access to information. For automating and streamlining processes, we offer document management solutions that combine multiple data sources, create unified processes, and properly tag and store critical information. And all of this is accomplished through flexible, cost-effective open source platforms.