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Content Management System

Create, stage, manage, and publish your web content in personalized and easy with our web content management portals

We provide content manage system solutions for different business goals including branding, document sharing and intelligence management. Our custimized system enables to offer excellent usage experience because we are featured in:

- Automated templates

  Our system creates standard output templates that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, allowing the appearance of all content to be changed from one central place.

- Access control

  Our system supports user groups which allow you to control how registered users interact with the site. 

- Scalable expansion

  Our system is able to expand a single implementation (one installation on one server) across multiple domains, and create microsites/web portals within a main site as well.

- Easily editable content

  Our CMS software includes WYSIWYG editing tools allowing non-technical users to create and edit content.

- Scalable feature sets

  Our CMS software includes plug-ins or modules that can be easily installed to extend an existing site's functionality.

- Collaboration

  Based on Alfresco technology, we provide CMS software that can perform as collaboration platform, allowing content to be retrieved and worked on by one or many authorized users. All changes can be tracked and authorized for publication or ignored reverting to old versions. 

- Content virtualization

  CMS software may provide a means of allowing each user to work within a virtual copy of the entire web site, document set, and/or code base. This enables changes to multiple interdependent resources to be viewed and/or executed in-context prior to submission.

- Content syndication

  Our CMS assists in content distribution by generating RSS and Atom data feeds to other systems. They may also e-mail users when updates are available as part of the workflow process.

- Multilingual

  Ability to display content in multiple languages.

- Versioning

  Versioning is useful for content that changes over time and requires updating. Oure CMS software allow the process of versioning by which pages are checked in or out of the WCMS, allowing authorized editors to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point.